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Geolocation Pre-requisites
     (part of Basics 104 Asset Manager session)

As well as the usual pre-requisites for interactive sessions (please click here), Geolocation makes some extra demands, and it is strongly recommended that you prepare these in advance, please:

  • You will be using a smartphone, so please have it handy

  • The smartphone will need to be logged in to your Parish Online account via the browser on the phone:

  • You will need your login and password!


ie please set up your phone before the start of the Geolocation session (part of Basics 103 Asset Register).  All you need to do is to have logged in to Parish Online via the browser on your phone (to, and preferably to have set it up as a bookmark to which you can readily return

Geolocation requires that the feature to be photographed already exists in Parish Online.

During the training session, we will create this feature via your normal PC access to Parish Online as part of the exercise.  We will then switch to the phone, find that 'just created' feature, and photograph it.  You will then be able to see the photograph attached to the feature back on your normal PC

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