Training is available for every aspect of Parish Online.  Sessions are run on a daily basis via Zoom, and are aimed at up to three users at a time (except Group sessions)  

  • Basic - for first-time and early users, typically covering:

    • Asset Register​

    • Using Layers

    • Adding Layers

    • Adding Features (incl. attachments)

    • Printing (to paper or .pdf file)


  • Asset Register Development - focus on getting your assets plotted online, and your building valuations updated


  • Advanced - for more experienced souls:

    • Styling (includes colour-coding)​

    • National Maps

    • Public Maps (incl. website publishing)

    • Geolocation (adding photos via smartphone)


  • Group session​s:

    • Typically for 30+ attendees, often set up as a day's programme ​


  • Training Charges:

    • One-offs:                   £35 per person per session (approx. 60 minutes)

    • Annual subscription:   £70 per parish (unlimited number of sessions for                                    an unlimited number of users per parish i.e.                                          multiple sessions for the same person, or different                                  people) 

    • Group sessions:          as negotiated