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Training Sessions

                                       Please click on 'Topic' for full description of course content 
                              Please click on 'Course' to see available dates and times for that course, and register accordingly
                              'Interactive' means that attendees are invited to actively work in Parish Online during the session                                                                      (Please click on the appropriate Interactive 'Y' for pre-requisite actions before sessions start)
                        (As a matter of principle, each session is offered twice a month in the mornings (10am), twice a month in the
                       afternoons (3pm), and twice a month in the evenings (7pm).  We try to vary the days (to meet all calendars),
                                              and occasionally the time will vary by an hour, just to keep you on your toes)              
                    All sessions are 60 mins (though Q&A may extend this).  Please click here to see fees (User Group sessions free)
                          Courses may be taken in any order, but 105 - 107 do assume a degree of familiarity with Parish Online


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